Although it has seen a steady decline, email marketing is still at its most effective if you know your audience and what it needs. And within that space, MailChimp is the most accessible tool for both mom and pop stores and international corporations.
The flow is simple. You create an account, answer some basic questions, upload a list - and voila! - you're set to go. Next comes creating an actual campaign. If you know your way around HTML or have a graphic designer on staff, then you can simply upload the creative. If not, pick from one from existing templates or use MailChimp's drag-and-drop function. You can add a wide variety of elements, text, images, etc.

The best part though is a comment function. Whenever you're ready, send a test email to your team. They will be able to reply, and MailChimp will accumulate all feedback in one place. So no more hunting down your boss' notes from a month ago! Here're a few other features:
  • A/B testing. Test, test, and test again. This is the easiest way to fine tune your message.
  • A mobile app to take on the go.
  • Knowledge base. If you ever run into trouble, use their help function. It solves the majority of issues.
  • If you're a UX aficionado, we highly recommend MailChimp's semi-regular newsletter. Check it out, they have great UX advice and examples.
  • Automated emails. Set up triggers that will send your users automated emails to keep them engaged
Now let's talk about money. The basic account is free, although you'll be limited to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. This is a perfect option if you're just starting out.

For bigger lists and advanced options, the price will definitely go up. If you're dead set on MailChimp, consider pruning your current list and only uploading most active subscribers. For example, 100,000 subscribers and 1,200,000 emails will cost you $475 per month.

Good luck and happy emailing!