The World Wide Web has changed the way companies advertise and market their businesses. The days of newspaper and expensive yellow page ads are over. Interactive social network websites will spread your message instantly. You can concentrate on qualified clients by taking advantage of community sites that do the profiling for you.


Millions of internet users log on to Facebook every day. The information stored in the profile of each user can help to target suitable customers. Facebook's Best Practice Guide explains the basic system with three easy steps.


Build a FREE business page. It is easy with the Facebook page builder. Keep it professional. You can view statistics from the insights tab. Facebook monitors how many users have viewed, interacted and commented on your page. Compare results each month to see what interests your viewers the most. Make sure your page is public, providing free advertising to millions of users.


This is the chance to interact with your customers. Ask questions that demand a response. Post informative facts so the readers will "like" or "share" your post with others. Users will ask questions too so be sure to respond promptly.


Once you have made your page, there are additional ways to promote it on Facebook. You can purchase ads that will appear on pages of users that have a profile compatible to your business.


Technology allows us to be up to date with current events. Twitter gives us the edge on the latest news reports and celebrity sightings. Set up a Twitter for Business account and spread the word about your business with short tweets of 140 characters. Millions of users will see your public tweet and if interested, they will become "followers" of your business. Make your tweets interesting and fun and you will increase the chances of them getting "re-tweeted" and viewed by more prospective customers. React in real time using your cell phone.

Facebook and Twitter are great for any type of business promotion. Theaters post their movie schedules. Businesses can offer "special" deals for their friends and followers. Bands can even let their fans know when they are coming to town.


This site is serious business without the fluff. LinkedIn is not a chatty website. No one here cares where you are going for dinner. Business minded individuals use LinkedIn to reconnect with colleagues and advance their careers by connecting directly with other professionals.


Just about everyone is connected to their smart phones. Foursquare users let their friends know what establishments they are visiting. Restaurants and retail stores can offer special promotions to its Foursquare customers to reward them for their loyalty. Large national companies as well as mom and pop stores can benefit by participating with Foursquare for business. Claim your venue and start promoting today.


The web is exploding with information. StumbleUpon is an easy and fast way to find unique photos, videos and websites that pertain to topics related to your business and personal interests. Vote on your favorites with a thumbs up or thumbs down. It is easy to share your stumbles on Facebook and Twitter. Keep your customers informed and entertained when you use the links you find on StumbleUpon.

To get the best results from your social media marketing, link them together. Include icons to your social networking sites on your website. Keep your business on the move by utilizing the functions of your mobile device with each application and updating them often. Surpass your competition and be the company customers feel a personal connection with.