Finding a business partner can be easy, finding the right business partner for the business you already have or a new business you plan to start, might not be as simple. Potential business partners can be found in many places, although starting close to home might be a good idea.
Beginning with close friends and family would be the first logical place to start; many businesses have prospered by keeping it in the family. If family seems too close to home, you might consider looking for a partner where you have attained a certain level of credibility and trust.

Networking to Find a Business Partner

Personal introductions work the best, so meeting the right people through your acquaintances might be a way to find an appropriate business partner. Let your friends know you are looking for a business partner, they might know of someone interested.

Finding a business partner through your own social network might not work as well as through a related business network. A network where there is a familiarity with either the business you are already in, or a business you plan to start up, might yield results.

Other places that you might have luck finding a business partner are trade shows in the type of business you are seeking a partner for, and local networking events such as at a nearby chamber of commerce.

Know Your Partner

Once you have found a prospective person to partner with, get to know them as much as possible. Business can be challenging enough without a partner, having a good partner should make things easier - not harder -for both of you.

Make sure that you make clear and concise agreements as to how you divide responsibilities in the business and document as much as possible so that no misunderstandings occur down the line.

Having a business partnership is very much like a marriage. You know that it won't always be good times, so be ready when disagreements occur and work things out as best you can.