Many people have contemplated what it would take for them to make money from home. This is especially true for those homebound people with disabilities or children to take care of, as well as for those with long or unpleasant commutes to their current place of employment.
Others who want to make money from home might prefer the relative informality and lack of politics involved in being able to work in the more casual home environment of their choosing. Still others who are currently unemployed might need to generate some income by working from home to pay their bills before a new steady job comes along.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to make money from home may be, the opportunity to do so has increased exponentially thanks to the Internet. Nevertheless, more traditional work at home methods such as crafting and telephone sales can be available to those with the required skills and motivation.

The following sections briefly introduce some of the more popular ways to make money from home.


The chance to freelance from your own home or wherever you can find an Internet connection has expanded rapidly in recent years.

To facilitate this process, a number of well-established and reputable freelance websites provide a list of projects that you can bid on. They also typically offer an escrow service to make sure that you get paid in a timely manner for satisfactory work completed and delivered.

Perhaps you are an accomplished writer, a professional translator or a business consultant with qualifications and expertise that can help others with their freelance projects. If so, then you can probably find some work online that would suit you and which you can perform at home, often according to your preferred schedule.

Making Art, Crafts and Clothes

One of the oldest ways to make money from home involves creating works of art or making crafts to sell at arts and crafts fairs and in local stores. You can also now offer your creative efforts in online forums or at your own website.

In addition to more traditional forms of art that might require education, talent and specific materials or equipment like paintings, sculpture or ceramics, you can also make crafts at home like beaded jewelry, embroidery, quilts, bird houses, stained glass, and other interesting household items.
Talented musicians and other artists can also often find occasional work by obtaining commissions for new pieces that they can produce at home. Those who are expert tailors or dye artists can also work from home making custom pieces for others or clothes to sell at fairs and stores.

Tutoring Students

If you have been well educated in a particular subject area and wish to pass on your expertise to others, then perhaps tutoring students is something that you can do to make money from home.

This will typically require patience, in addition to some advance preparation unless your student prefers to direct the course of your tutoring sessions.

Also, accomplished musicians and artists can advertise lessons in their particular specialty if they have the patience and space to teach from home.

Call Centers

Many businesses prefer to hire independent sales or customer service representatives who work at home through a call center hub since it can save them money.

If you have a good telephone voice and enjoy speaking on the phone, then this opportunity may be something for you to consider.

Taking Online Surveys

If you lack the specific expertise to take advantage of any of the above work at home opportunities and do not have the means to obtain such experience, then you might be able to make some money at home by taking online surveys.

As with any other online work at home opportunity, you will want to make sure that the survey is not a scam and that you will actually be paid for your efforts before committing your time.

Once you have determined that a survey company is legitimate, you can probably get a considerable amount of on demand work by taking the surveys they offer.