In today's society having good credit is an important aspect of being able to afford necessities such as housing, transportation and insurance. Various businesses may offer products and services based on your credit worthiness and some employers may look to securitize your report when applying for a job. Your credit score is something that will follow you throughout your life and good credit can help you obtain what you want at an affordable price.
If you don't have money to pay for something outright such as a house or car, you'll look to apply for credit. Buying a home includes making mortgage payments to the bank or lending institution who offers the loan. They want to know if you can be trusted in making payments according to the agreed upon terms of the loan. Having a good credit history, that includes making timely payments, may help increase your chances of being approved by the mortgage lender. The same is true for an apartment; the landlord may review your credit history to learn about how well you make payments or other credit you may have. If your history is poor you could be denied the apartment.

A vehicle loan has a similar process, yet your credit may determine the kind of car you're eligible to purchase. Like with mortgages, you may need to make a down payment in order to satisfy certain loan terms depending on your credit history. When you apply for a loan there is also interest you'll pay that goes to the lender. If you have poor credit you may pay more; meaning monthly payments would be higher than average.

Some may say that it's not an employer's business to know anything about an individual's credit score. Employers run credit checks for a reason: to determine if a potential employee demonstrates responsibility. If you've been steady in making payments and keeping up with your finances, this is often a plus for helping people get hired.

More people are looking into starting their own business. Small business loans may not be easy to come by with poor credit. The good news is that there are programs available for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them improve their credit worthiness. For some, managing a small business is their main source of living income. Establishing utilities including gas, water, cable, phone and electric is also determined by your credit since you pay for services on a monthly basis.