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The top rating awarded to qualifying corporate bonds by the bond rating agencies such as Standard & Poor's (AAA) and Moody's (Aaa). These ratings mean: (1) the bonds are of the highest quality (are 'gilt edged'), (2) carry the least degree of investment risk, and (3) are fully expected to pay both interest and principal on time. Other rating agencies use different designations. See also bond ratings.

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Finding a bond with a good AAA rating is a solid way to invest your money with very minimal risks long term.
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If you are looking for a bond to invest in and aren't sure which is a wise bet look for one that has a AAA quality rating.
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As countries like the United States continue to inflate debt and treat it like it's of no substance, their credibility begins to erode, and after awhile spent in such impeccable standing, they lose their AAA credit rating.
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