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1. Accounting: Integration of an account (called absorption account) into related accounts in preparation of a financial statement.
2. Economics: Total expenditure by a country's households, businesses, and government on goods and services. Current account deficit (or surplus) occurs when a country's GDP exceeds (or falls below) its absorption level.
3. Management: Integration of change and innovation into an organization's culture and operations.
4. Materials: Process by which a fluid (gas or liquid) is captured and taken in by a solid or liquid material. See also adsorption.
5. Securities: Sale of an entire issue of securities by its underwriters.
See also assimilation.

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We are working hard to get used to the absorption of our rival company but some of their employees are hostile towards our workforce.
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Absorption occurred when I placed the towel on the puddle on the ground. The properties of the textile or soft cotton were able to soak up any liquid.
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When you are budgeting for your business you need to set up a reasonable absorption level for your future costs.
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