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1. Accounting: Chronological record of changes in the value of an entity's assets, liabilities, and the owners' equity; each of which is represented by a separate page in the ledger. See also accounting equation and accounts.
2. Banking: Continuing financial relationship between a bank and a customer, in which deposits and debts are held and processed within a framework of established rules and procedures.
3. Commerce: On-going contractual relationship between a buyer and seller whereby payment for goods received is made at a later time (usually 30 days). See also charge account and open account.
4. Law: Obligation of each party to a contract or partnership to account to other(s) for amounts received or due.
5. Services: Client of an advertising, brokerage, consulting, marketing, or public relations firm.

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When you are trying to decide what path to take be sure you take all of the outcomes into account before you decidce.
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I suggested he deposit the money in his business account to ensure the proper accounting measures were in place to record the transaction optimally.
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He checked his bank account this morning to see if he had enough funds for the coming month and thankfully he did.
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