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Financial records of an organization that register all financial transactions, and must be kept at its principal office or place of business. The purpose of these records is to enable anyone to appraise the organization's current financial position with reasonable accuracy. Firms present their annual accounts in two main parts: the balance sheet, and the income statement (profit and loss account). The annual accounts of a registered or incorporated firm are required by law to disclose a certain amount of information. And have to be certified by an external auditor that they present a 'true and fair view' of the firm's financial affairs.
See also Account.

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Financial institutions provide checking and savings accounts for businesses and individuals all across the world, allowing business and personal funds to be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world.
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You need to verify how much you have in your accounts so that you can know if you have enough to cover an expense.
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I had a few different bank accounts and it made me wonder why I did not have just one, but decided to have many.
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