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1. Taking custody of records.
2. Taking possession of an asset by purchase.
3. Taking control of a firm by purchasing 51 percent (or more) of its voting shares.

Use 'acquisition' in a Sentence

Jen bought 31 percent of Sarah's company, when added to her previous 20 percent she bought last year, Jen's acquisition was complete.
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Looking to expand their business, the mobile provider made an acquisition of a company whose primary service is cable television.
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As john drove home, he swung by the marina to look at his new boat; he is quite satisfied with his latest acquisition.
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A Caution on Large Acquisitions
"Be wary of large acquisitions. Many companies measure their performance not by how much value they're delivering to shareholders but by how large they are. This could be due to the media tending to cover large companies the most, or to a CEO's ego. The fastest way to get big is to acquire with competitors, and companies often perform such acquisitions for the wrong reasons. It is no wonder that very large acquisitions usually turn out worse than expected over the long run."
- Unknown