annual return

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1. Yearly statement which gives essential information about a firm's composition, activities, and financial position, and which must be filed by every active incorporated or registered firm with an appropriate authority. Under the provisions of general corporate legislation, it must contain details such as (1) particulars of the stockholders (shareholders), debenture holders, directors, and the firm's secretary, (2) list of charges (judgments and lien) against the firm's assets, (3) address of the registered office and location of the register of members, along with (4) a copy of the latest financial statements.
This information is put on public record, so that the lenders and other entities dealing with the firm can get a 'true and fair view' of the state of its financial affairs.
2. Total yearly return from an investment that includes dividend (or interest) and capital gains (or losses) but not commissions, fees, and taxes.
3. Percentage yearly increase in the value of an investment, adjusted for the effects of compounding.

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