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1. Accounting: To debit an account.
2. Commerce: To buy on credit.
3. Law: (1) Statement accusing a person of committing a specific crime. (2) Judge's instructions to a jury before the trial begins.
4. Lending: Evidence of a lien or mortgage that secures the repayment of a loan. Public corporations are generally required to keep a register of charges (including debentures) against their assets with the copies of associated documents. This register may be inspected by anyone, usually on payment of a fee. See also fixed charge and floating charge.

Use 'charge' in a Sentence

Ben did not have any money to pay his phone bill so the phone company gave him a late charge of thirty dollars.
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I tried to charge the purchase of my groceries on my credit card, at the store, but it wouldn't work so I had to use cash.
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I forgot the petty cash so I had to charge the office order to my credit card and had to expense it.
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