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1. All means of transport (roads, rails, rivers, canals, air, sea) that people use to trade or make physical contact with each other.
2. All means of symbolic or verbal communication (newspapers, mail, email, telephones, television, radio, etc.) that people and machines use to make contact and share information. See also communication.

Use 'communications' in a Sentence

The communications with the firm were outstanding as we had developed a new relationship with the head of their legal department.
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In school, while my friends studied math, I studied communications, because that is the area I wanted to get my degree in.
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In this current day and age, communications, both digital and physical, present a positive force in our society by advancing our "Information Age" exponentially and allowing person-to-person contact that heretofore seemed impossible, even though this societal saturation of communication can seem overwhelming at times on an individual level.
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