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1. Statistics: Number of discrete mathematical steps (such as addition and multiplication) involved in the execution of an algorithm or mathematical process. See also computability theory.
2. Organizational: Condition of having many diverse and autonomous but interrelated and interdependent components or parts linked through many (dense) interconnections. In the context of an organization, complexity is associated with (1) interrelationships of the individuals, (2) their effect on the organization, and (3) the organization's interrelationships with its external environment. How these interrelationships arise and how they enable the organization to evolve (by creating new organizational patterns and structures), is not well understood.
See also types of complexity.
3. Physical: Extent to which spontaneous-order (self-organization) arises in a system (when certain critical requirements are met) and allows the system to make a transition from one state to a very different state. Superconductivity is an example of such complexity.

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The complexity of analyzing DNA is staggering, their microscopic makeup has only been able to recently be studied in analyzed to its fullest in the recent years.
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They did not understand the complexity of the issue and would therefore have a hard time unraveling the problem before them.
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Sometimes a new project may involve a lot of complexity and you will need to break down all the numbers from every angle to ensure success.
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