Use 'consumer' in a Sentence

A primary concern for cell phone retailers is the ability of the consumer to understand and carry out simple directions using the product.
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The consumer was very pleased when store prices dropped on his favorite items, such as on the orange juice, milk, and cheese.
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Many government services are becoming more and more consumer oriented as they begin to really focus on delivery and on ensuring that they are providing the top level of service to the people it serves.
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Technological Progress and the Consumer
"Technological advances often hurt rather than help the companies that buy them. These companies have to spend to upgrade or risk falling behind their competitors. But nearly all the value gets passed on to the customers: lower costs of production almost always leads to lower prices to end users. Businesses almost always forget this second step (having to reduce prices) when evaluating the financial impact of proposed equipment upgrades. The exception to this rule is the rare situation in which a company has pricing power. In such cases, continual technological progress makes monopolies and "moats" more valuable."
- Tom Murcko