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1. General: Imposed or required payment.
2. Accounting: Amount left over after direct (variable) costs are deducted from the sales revenue. Also called gross income, this sum pays for indirect (fixed) costs and contributes to net income.
3. Insurance: Proportional sharing of loss by the insurers when more than one policy is taken by the insured for the same peril. Under a contract of indemnity, the insured cannot profit from his or her misfortune irrespective of the number of policies.
4. Law: Right of a joint debtor (or joint tortfeasor) who pays entirely a debt (or liability) to recover from other joint debtors (or joint tortfeasors) their individual shares of the debt (or liability).

Use 'contribution' in a Sentence

Some businesses will make a political contribution to get their favored party candidate in office to rule in their favor.
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When I was doing a group project I felt like my contribution toward the project was higher than the other group members.
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When the team met up to discuss their plan for the upcoming fundraiser they all discussed what type of monetary contribution they could make to the budget.
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