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Law: Legal charges, fees, other expenses associated with a lawsuit and, sometimes, punitive charges, assessed and awarded by a court in favor of the prevailing party. See also cost.

Use 'costs' in a Sentence

I did not understand the costs of all of the items together and it made me pretty unhappy to not know.
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The COSTS of this trial are higher than the settlement for a damaged car, due to lawyer COSTS and trial COSTS,
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Although Susan won her court case, she was still required to pay hefty court costs which totaled over two hundred dollars.
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Management Cutting Costs
"Whenever I read about some company undertaking a cost-cutting program, I know it's not a company that really knows what costs are all about. Spurts don't work in this area. The really good manager does not wake up in the morning and say, "This is the day I'm going to cut costs," any more than he wakes up and decides to practice breathing."
- Warren Buffett