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1. General: Frailty or shortcoming that prevents an item from being complete, desirable, effective, safe, or of merit, or makes it to malfunction or fail in its purpose.
2. Law: Lack of legal sufficiency due to incorrect or incomplete following of a required or statutory procedure. See also perfect.
3. Manufacturing: Non-conformance of a product with the specified requirements, or non-fulfillment of user expectations (including the safety aspects). Defects are generally classified into four classes: (1) Class-1: very serious, directly causes severe injury or catastrophic loss; (2) Class-2: serious, directly causes significant injury or economic loss; (3) Class-3: major, related to significant problems with respect to intended normal or reasonable use; and (4) Class-4: minor, related to minor problems with intended normal or reasonable use.
Two other types of defects are latent defect and patent defect. See also blemish, imperfection, and non-conformity.

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The toy doll that I brought for my daughter, had a defect that made the toy impossible to play with.
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The sound did not work on my new smartphone, a serious defect that resulted in the store giving me a full refund.
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Unfortunately, the first release of the software had a severe defect that prevented real users from installing it because, unlike the testing team, they had not previously installed the debug build.
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