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Political system that is run and controlled by citizens of the country. Democracies are made up of elected representatives and require that governmental measures be voted on by these elected representatives or the people. Democracies are not universal and are implemented and enforced in different manners. The first democracy traces its roots back to Ancient Greece and since that time democracies have continued to be created across the world.

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This group was supposed to be a democracy, but one member took over and started making every decision for the group.
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After tallying the votes of everyone in the office, it was decided that pizza would be ordered for lunch, democracy in action.
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DEMOCRACY to me is a government in which people come together by a large power with interest in the community and people as a whole. A large unit is formed in which fair individuals practice their rights through an election system. The community will choose people whom they deem as fair and honest to represent them.
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