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1. General: Fundamental constituent part or principle.
2. (1) Fundamental constituent part or principle. (2) One of the unique and basic types of matter which alone or in combination make up all natural and synthetic substances. At present 110 elements are known and theoretically many more are possible, 81 of these are stable (non-radioactive) and 92 occur naturally (the other 18 are synthesized in particle accelerators). They are divided into three main groups: metals (75 percent of the total), non-metals, and metalloids (weakly metallic). The fundamental part of an element is called an atom, whereas that of a compound is called a molecule.

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After reviewing employee productivity reports, the executive determined that the most important element in a worker's success was his enjoyment of his job.
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When examining the airplane's engine, Ricardo so that the fan belt, a key element which allows the plane to function, had been broken.
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The hardest element of writing concise prose is often learning how to edit out words and lines that are good, but unneccissary.
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