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Open, organized marketplace (such as a stock exchange) where buyers and sellers negotiate prices. Exchanges require an almost instant (real time) bid and ask matching mechanism, settlement and clearing, and market wide price communication and determination.

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1. To give in return for something received; trade: exchange dollars for francs; exchanging labour for room and board. 2. To give and receive reciprocally; interchange: exchange gifts; exchange ideas. 3. To give up for a substitute: exchange a position in the private sector for a post in government. 4. To turn in for replacement: exchange defective merchandise at a store.
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I went to a scrap exchange in which everyone brought fabric, sewing notions and patterns so crafters could exchange items they no longer use or need for items they can use and want.
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Kyle was a foreign exchange student and would require a lot of time to adapt to his new environment as well as the people.
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