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1. General: State or condition of being unprotected and open to damage, danger, risk of suffering a loss in a transaction, or uncertainty.
2. Advertising: Degree to which an audience (readers, listeners, viewers, visitors to a website) is in receipt of a promotional message.
3. Banking: (1) Total amount of unsecured loans; (2) Total amount of loans advanced to a single borrower, group, industry, or country; (3) probability of loss from devaluation, revaluation, or foreign exchange fluctuations.
4. Occupational safety: State of being vulnerable to work environment hazards through contact, inhalation, ingestions, or any other route.

Use 'exposure' in a Sentence

The lead singer would need some more exposure to producers, so they could see his talent and hopefully sign him.
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When you are trying to minimize your losses you should try to pick the venture that leaves your money with the least exposure.
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We opt to keep our level of exposure to risk at a minimum as we are not in a position to handle fluctuations.
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