global warming

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Steady increase in the Earth's average lower atmosphere (near surface) temperature due to emissions and build up of greenhouse gases (see greenhouse effect). While this temperature has risen by 0.6°C in the last 140 years, it may rise from 1.5°C to over 2.0°C by the year 2070, and could completely alter climate zone patterns resulting in increased or decreased rainfall, winds, snow, and other unprecedented weather phenomenon. The rising temperature could melt the polar ice caps and cause sea levels to rise everywhere, permanently flooding many low lying parts of the earth. The temperate areas in Asia and Americas might experience crop failures due to drier and hotter conditions.

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It is true that over the Earth's history, the climate has oscillated between warm and cool periods, but scientists have shown conclusively that the global warming observed today is caused by man-made factors, specifically the accumulation of greenhouses gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, in the atmosphere resulting from the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal.
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John believed the reason it was sunny in January and raining in July was caused by the increase of Global Warming
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The scientist stood in front of the panel, greatly disappointed and slightly horrified at their seeming apathy in the face of mounting evidence of the harm that global warming was bringing upon the planet.
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