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Firm or person (such as a broker or consultant) who acts as a mediator on a link between parties to a business deal, investment decision, negotiation, etc. In money markets, for example, banks act as intermediaries between depositors seeking interest income and borrowers seeking debt capital. Intermediaries usually specialize in specific areas, and serve as a conduit for market and other types of information. Also called a middleman. See also intermediation.

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When selling a hat business to an investor, I used an intermediary to make sure he and I got the best deal, and what we were doing was in good terms.
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As discussions progressed regarding the merger, the two sides became increasingly more combative until an intermediary was brought in to avoid confrontation and help the parties communicate effectively.
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If you can't reach a deal with someone and things get out of hand you can contact an intermediary third party to settle things.
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