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1. Overall force exerted on a body or structure.
2. Amount of work allotted to an individual, group, machine, or system. By extension, a load is the amount of production expected from a producer.
3. Energy consumption of a piece of equipment, or an entire plant.
4. Demand on an energy producing system.
5. Weight, quantity, or nature of what is being carried by a transporting vehicle.
6. Standard volume of a material such as produce or sand. In the UK, a load is typically 40 bushels (1.4 cubic meters); in the US, it is one cubic yard (0.76 cubic meters).
7. Amount of fee charged on a transaction.

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Sometimes a load will have some very valuable items on it and you will need a company that takes great care of what it ships.
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Sometimes when you are shipping a big load it may be more about making sure no damages happen than the speed.
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Before I could play the game with my friend, I had to wait for it to load, which could sometimes take up to five minutes.
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