mainframe computer

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A data processing system employed mainly in large organizations for various applications, including bulk data processing, process control, industry and consumer statistics, enterprise resource planning, and financial transaction processing.

Mainframes use proprietary operating systems, most of which are based on Unix, and a growing number on Linux. Over the years they have evolved from being room-sized to networked configurations of workstations and servers that are an extremely competitive and cost effective platforms for e-commerce development and hosting. Mainframes are so called because the earliest ones were housed in large metal frames.

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In order to shut down the building's electricity, we had to reach the mainframe computer, which controlled the whole facility.
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In today's technological society, most companies rely on a mainframe computer for various applications in order to help the company run efficiently.
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The mainframe computer was using an older programming language that was quite uncommon in today's market so we had to hire a foreign worker.
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