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1. Act of quantifying values into meaningful standardized units; taking measurements. For example, an architect measures the dimensions of a model prior to scaling it to its full-size.
2. Actions taken either in anticipation of an event or in a needed event. For example, if a business is under-leveraged, it may take appropriate measures to further spur its growth by borrowing money from a bank or issue debt instruments.
3. Standardized method of calculation. For example, liquid measures denote how liquids can be measured, whether in fluid ounces or liters.

Use 'measures' in a Sentence

He told me that as the man measures the equipment I will stand next to him and write down what he comes up with.
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He measures his weight in kilograms by using a scale, and he measures his height in centimeters by using a metric measuring tape.
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You should try to take drastic measures to repair your businesses image if it is ever tarnished and needs repair.
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