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Chemical element that, in general, (1) is a good conductor of heat and electricity, (2) is opaque but good reflector of light when polished, (3) can be beaten into sheets, (4) can be drawn into wires, (5) produces a sonorous tone when struck. All metals crystallize under suitable conditions and (except cesium, gallium, and mercury) are solid at normal temperature. Chemically, metals tend to form positive ions (are electropositive) and most have strong reactive-affinity with certain non-metallic elements (such as chlorine and sulfur) with which they form salts. Trace quantities of some metals (such as cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc) are essential to animal, human, and plant health.

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Gold metal has always been my personal choice for a ring, but silver is a good option for consumers who have price in mind or who are allergic to gold.
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Because the metal was sharp, Jesse cut himself while trying to work at his recycling center job. He then had to go get a tetanus shot so he didn't die in agony.
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The start-up watch company made all of their watches out of high-quality metal which made the watches extremely shiny and impressive looking.
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