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1. General: Something that doesn't work out in search for a solution. Often used interchangeably with error.
2. Law: Misunderstanding or erroneous belief about a material-fact which may prevent formation of a valid contract. It is of three basic types (1) Common mistake: all parties make the same error. (2) Mutual mistake: all parties are mistaken or fail to understand each other. (3) Unilateral mistake: only one party is mistaken.

Use 'mistake' in a Sentence

I told them that it was a mistake on my part and it would never happen again as long as I worked there.
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The math teacher worked with the student after school to figure out where she was making a mistake while trying to solve the equation.
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I realized there was a mistake in the advertisement when I saw that the car described as being a convertible only had a sunroof.
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