natural gas

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Hydrocarbon gas obtained from underground and undersea porous sedimentary rocks, often together with crude oil (see petroleum). It is a mixture primarily of methane (about 85 percent), ethane (about 10 percent), and propane (about 3 percent); butane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, and oxygen make up the balance. Used as an important feedstock (in the manufacture of fertilizers, methanol, and other organic and synthetic materials) in the chemical industry, and as fuel in other industries. See also petroleum gases.

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The family preferred to use natural gas as its main source of fuel due to its reduced price and relatively minor impact on the environment.
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The people were offered large amounts of money by the gas company if they allowed the company to get the natural gas trapped beneath the property.
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Steve used to think that the oil commodity was a safe investment, but recently with the big boom and natural gas production, he has been having second thoughts.
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