natural selection

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Process by which evolutionary changes occur in living organisms over millions of years. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, the organisms well adapted to their environment survive better than those who are not and are able to pass on their genes to many more offspring. As this process repeats over hundreds of thousands of years and the less-fit organisms become extinct, it appears as if nature 'selects' certain organisms over others in the same environment to continue. This biological concept is used as a metaphor for modern economic environments where very rapid pace of change requires agility in adjusting to the unanticipated situations or to lose out.
Also called survival of the fittest it is, however, not the main feature of evolution. The main evolutionary feature is the continuation of what works well (see evolution).

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Natural selection was evident in the new monkeys because the monkeys who did not have a lot of fur died in the cold environment and were not able to produce children where the furry monkeys lived comfortably and produced many children.
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Darwin studied natural selection in the Galapagos Islands and talked about evolution and the origins of man causing great controversy at the time.
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By process of natural selection, all of the bear's cubs survived the winter, with the exception of one young cub, who was smaller and weaker than the others.
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