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Breach of duty of care which results in loss or injury to the person or entity the duty is owed. Negligence usually includes doing something that an ordinary, reasonable, and prudent person would not do, or not doing something such a person would do considering the circumstances, situation, and the knowledge of parties involved. In civil liability (see tort), an aggrieved person or entity is entitled to claim damages in a court. In criminal liability, it is usually an unacceptable defense to claim that one was doing one's best to avoid injury or loss if his or her conduct or performance falls below the expected or required level.

Use 'negligence' in a Sentence

The Murphy family's negligence of their dog had caught the attention of their pet loving neighbor, who took the appropriate steps by calling Animal Control.
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The company was sued and ruled to have exhibited negligence when it gave a dangerous implement to a minor, resulting in the death of the minor.
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Financial compensation for the damage caused by the dog bite was placed solely on the owner of the dog; the owner had a previous experience with his dog biting another human, so it was negligence on his part to not prevent future attacks.
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