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1. Informal guideline about what is considered normal (what is correct or incorrect) social behavior in a particular group or social unit. Norms form the basis of collective expectations that members of a community have from each other, and play a key part in social control and social order by exerting a pressure on the individual to conform. In short, "The way we do things around here."
2. Formal rule or standard laid down by legal, religious, or social authority against which appropriateness (what is right or wrong) of an individual's behavior is judged.

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When someone deviates from the norm, they will draw attention to themselves, because their actions are so different than what everyone else is doing.
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Sometimes things go outside the norm in the business world and the ones that can adapt the fastest get the profit.
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During the first few weeks at her new job, Barbara's supervisor subjected her to several loud tirades and she realized his infantile screaming fits were the norm in that office and not the exception.
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