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Written or formal information, notification, or warning about a fact, required to be made in law or imparted by an operation of law. A party is deemed to have cognizance of a fact if the party (1) has actual knowledge of it, (2) has received notice of it, (3) ought reasonably to know it, (4) knows about a related or associated fact, or (5) would have known by making reasonable enquiries about it.

Use 'notice' in a Sentence

I was served notice today by a very grouchy process server regarding an altercation I had at work; while restraining an intoxicated male.
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There was a notice on my dorm room door that told me I had five days to leave, or they would evict me.
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You may need to send out a notice to someone you do business with if they are taking to long to pay off their bill.
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