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1. Actual physical possession or use of a dwelling or piece of land. Occupation exists only where it is recognizable as such, and where the occupant has a sufficient measure of control that prevents interference from strangers.
2. Usual or principal business, calling, trade, or work a person is engaged in earning a living.
3. Official designation of an employed or self-employed person, such as architect, doctor, engineer, or manager.

Use 'occupation' in a Sentence

The beekeeper had trained for many years as an apprentice beekeeper before being allowed to practice his occupation without supervision.
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The man's official occupation was architect, but his hobbies and interests included drawing, painting, and playing the violin, which he preferred to do.
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As young adults, we should strive to further our education as knowledge is the main source of enhancing our lives and going beyond just working a job, but an occupation, a career that we can thrive on for the balance of our working years.
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