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Passage of a solvent (such as water) from a lower-concentration solution to a higher-concentration solution, through a semi-permeable membrane (that allows the solvent to pass but not what is dissolved in it) separating the two solutions. The flow of solvent stops when both solutions become equal in concentration. In nature, osmosis is an essential process by means of which nutrients are delivered to the cells.

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Although the company required all new employees to undergo a month-long training program, most workers found that they learned more about their new jobs through osmosis, merely by interacting with their peers.
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There are a number of water products on the market that are purified by various processes, including steam distillation, reverse osmosis, and activated charcoal filtration.
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I wish I could learn through osmosis instead of struggling through bad classes at college and pretty much wasting my time with no hope for a future.
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