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1. General: Unwritten rules or guidelines that are peculiar to every culture or organization, and are supposed to be observed by all parties in the conduct of business, entertaining, negotiating, politics, etc.
2. Product development: Statement of attributes (features and benefits) that a new product must be designed to have. A product protocol is prepared by consulting all parties (customers, marketing, production, distribution) to the project.
3. Technology: Set of agreed upon, and openly published and distributed, standards that enables different firms to manufacture compatible devices to the same specifications.
All devices made under the same protocol work with one another without any adjustment or modification.

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As a new employee, Jack was still learning the protocol of his new company including what clothes were appropriate and whether to call executives by their first name.
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Proper protocol for hearing a fire alarm includes calmly making your way out of the building and once out, remaining outside until professional firefighters allow you to return to the building.
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When I began to work in the hospital I realized there was a protocol for everything, and if you didn't follow it you could get fired.
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