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1. General: Universe of all realistic possibilities.
2. Cost estimating: Upper and lower possibilities of the forecasted costs for a product, program, or project.
3. Marketing: Group of associated products offered by a producer or supplier for the same broad set of customers.
4. Statistics: Measure of the variation in a set of data, computed by subtracting the lowest value from the highest value in the same set.

Use 'range' in a Sentence

The casting director said that she was looking for girls in the preschool age range to fill the role of Mia, the main character's daughter, in the movie.
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I practice my vocal range daily to make my singing voice nice and strong and loud for when I perform on the stage so others can hear me.
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The range of different boots available for the winter seems endless, from rugged hiking boots to fashionable fur-lined leather boots.
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