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1. Document that memorializes and provides objective evidence of activities performed, events occurred, results achieved, or statements made. Records are created/received by an organization in routine transaction of its business or in pursuance of its legal obligations. A record may consist of two or more documents.
2. All documented information, regardless of its characteristics, media, physical form, and the manner it is recorded or stored. Records include accounts, agreements, books, drawings, letters, magnetic/optical disks, memos, micrographics, etc. Generally speaking, records function as evidence of activities, whereas documents function as evidence of intentions.

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We analyzed the records to obtain all of the information pertaining to the transactions as the vital statistics were included.
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I didn't realize that the record store was all out of the record I wanted to buy and it made me upset and angry too.
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Keeping a good record of an important event will allow you to look back on it fondly and reminisce from time to time.
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