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Device that coverts sound and electrical waves into audible relays, and is used for communication. The telephone consists of two essential parts; a microphone and a speaker. This allows the user to speak into the device and also hear transmissions from the other user. The invention of the first telephone dates back to 1896. Some of the first telephones required an operator to connect calls between users, but with the advancement of technology, calls are now connected automatically. Telephones formally utilized analog signals to transmit sounds, but most calls are now placed over digital networks.
Telephones are made in a variety of forms, including a subset of the device called a cell phone or mobile phone. Also called phone.

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Most people text these days but when trying to close a big deal calling someone on the telephone may just be the personal touch you need.
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We decided to use the telephone to reach out to the other firm to immediately solve this annoying and important problem.
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The telephone on my desk at work began to ring, so I picked it up and it was my boss on the phone asking me to finish my paper work.
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One Retrospective Statement about Telephones
"This telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us. (Made by Western Union in an internal memo, 1876)"
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