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1. Advertising: Large number of print ads or commercial spots that, even if smaller or lower in quality, add up to a cost effective alternative to larger, more sophisticated, or expensive promotional messages.
2. Shipping: Various measures of the cargo carrying capacity or the volume of a ship: (1) Gross registered tonnage (GRT) is the total enclosed space of a ship expressed in registered tons of 100 cubic feet (2.832 cubic meters) each. GRT is a measure of the space available for cargo, crew, passengers, and stores, and is usually the basis for computing drydock charges. Also called gross tonnage.
(2) Under deck tonnage (UDT) is GRT less a ship's bridge, deck house, forecastle, and poop. (3) Net registered tonnage (NRT) is GRT less space occupied by the crew, engines, fuel, and navigation equipment. In general, GRT and NRT are in the ratio of 3:2 or, in other words, NRT is roughly equal to 60 percent of GRT. Also called net tonnage, it is usually the basis for computing harbor or port charges. (4) Dead weight tonnage (DWT) is the maximum weight (mass) of a ship when loaded up to its summer load line (see Plimsoll line) and is the sum of the weights of the cargo, crew, fuel, passengers, and stores. On average, DWT is about 60 percent of the GRT. (5) Displacement tonnage is the weight of water displaced by a ship computed on the basis that 35 cubic feet of salt water weigh one long ton (2240 pounds).

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You need to be able to handle all of the tonnage you will receive and sometimes it may be more than you expect.
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We had a tonnage agreement and it did not work out for us because our sales did not get higher after we did it.
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If you are going to be receiving a big shipment you need to be sure that you will be able to handle all of the tonnage.
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