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1. A group of things that are standardized or identical, as in the case of uniform practices. Courts of law usually have uniform procedures to ensure equal consideration given to both parties.
2. Company-specified article or articles of clothing meant to be worn while working. Uniforms can be provided or sold to employees or specified by companies for employees to find and wear on their own. They may also be used to denote rank; for example some restaurants have different uniforms for employees of different positions.

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It is important that you set some strict uniform rules that your staff follows so that things do not get out of hand.
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All of the employees has to wear a uniform including a hat, this made it hard for Janet to learn everyone's name when she started as she wasn't good at recalling faces and everyone was dressed the same.
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If you take pride in your work uniform your shirt be starched and ironed, pants pressed, and your shoes will be shined.
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