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1. General: Bond of moral duty (whether of necessity or of one's own choosing) that ties two or more parties together.
2. Accounting: Duty to make future payment that is incurred as soon as a purchase order is placed, encumbers a certain sum of money, and is called obligation incurred.
3. Legal: Liability or duty to do something or refrain from doing something under the terms of a contract, such as the obligation of a borrower (the obligor) to pay back the lender (the obligee) under the terms of the loan agreement. Obligations usually involve a penalty for non-fulfillment.

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Going to my wife's family reunion is an obligation I have to do, but since it makes her happy I suppose there are worse things in life.
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Parents have a legal and moral obligation to do everything they can to make sure their children are properly taken care of.
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As a wife and mother, I have an obligation to my husband and my son to take care of them and to provide them with love and care.
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