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Disease causing microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, found commonly in sewage, hospital waste, run-off water from farms, and in water used for swimming. Most pathogens are parasites (live off the host) and the diseases they cause are an indirect result of their obtaining food from, or shelter in, the host. Larger parasites (such as worms) and not called pathogens.

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A lot of things may have caused the plague in the village to spread but the CDC doctors believed it was pathogens in the lake water that the children all swam in.
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Before the recent security lapses at BiologiCorp's European facility, Dr. Cunningham hadn't thought twice about the possibility of dangerous pathogens being released into the atmosphere -- but now he wasn't so sure and wondered if the public's health was at risk .
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The man tried to go to Africa in order to aid in a mission, but he got infected by multiple pathogens, which made him so sick that he had to go home.
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